In 2009 Susanne Trolleberg hailing from the small town Sandviken in Sweden, wanted to put a band name to her eclectic, dynamic and ever changing compositions. ”Weather Music” was it. Uncertain, unexpected and special as weather itself.

The music draws rich on pop history, but also features influences from jazz and folk music.

In 2012 the EP Out Of Line was released and got well recieved in magazines like GAFFA.

Weather Music wins a local music award for best newcomer.

In 2013 the band releases the self-titled album Weather Music.

Weather Music is now called TROLLEBERG. Along with this new name they are releasing a single and music video made by Magnificent Beast.

Just like the first album, this EP is produced by the band themselves, recorded in studios, cabins and closets in Dalarna.

Mastered by Pelle Henricsson (producer of Refused, Inflames etc) at Tonteknik studio.

The goal has been to create a sound similar to how they sound live.

The Ep will be released in autumn 2017.